Welcome to the Ministry of Fun Homepage!

The Ministry of Fun is a global, local network of people
who have committed to the credo:

If it's not FUN,
Don't do it!

If you must do it,
Make it FUN!

We live by the words of the
Tribe of One which say:

Each of us has a one-to-one connection to the One!

In fact, we are the ONE!

The Ministry of Fun empowers
the knower within
to celebrate that Oneness,
to rest in the state of heart and mind that says
we are all equal souls-in-evolution, and since there
are over seven billion of us, there are undoubtedly seven
billion plus correct ways of evolving....

And always honor the One in each one!

Blessings and Aloha,
LiLi Townsend, Minister of Fun

Whale breach

Poetry and Musings:  Artful offerings such as.....
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HEP C and Me:  A personal guide to alternative 
care available for  Hepatitis C patients

LiLi and Elsita, Ministers of Fun
 Elsita and LiLi, Ministers of Fun

Thanks for checking in!
Be in JOY and FUN!

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