Soul Talk to the Judge

Beloved LiLi !
Fear not, my dear One,
You do know yourSelf
To be held firmly, safely and
Lovingly at all times.
You are in a gateway now:
Each challenge that brings up
Deep feelings is an unfolding gift
From me.
Who am I?
I am the I am
Which you are as well.
Your growth and freedom
Are mine as well.
Your self judgement is a habit
That runs deeply in your wiring;
It is as addictive to you as tobacco.
With the same grace
That you let go the latter,
I will assist you in compassionate
Release of the former.

Judging is a national pastime;
In this are we well trained.
It is time to catch yourself
Red-handed: notice the divisive thought
That belittles another.
See that it is a two-edged sword,
Wounding both innocent beings.

May all beings be free
To explore the edge of Oneness
Which will, one sweet day,
Overlight all duality.

LiLi Townsend