Image Let Freedom Rain by Pendor/Morecraft
Image by Pendor 

Crisis joins us in emotional resonance...
We remember that we are One...
One Earth,
One God with many faces...
May each one 
Within the One
Return to calm
And feel the healing balm
of peace.

Poem composed for


In response to these troubled times, we have seen much evidence of people drawing together; crisis joins us in emotional resonance...We are experiencing a depth of feeling that can be of great benefit to our remembrance of Oneness. We have sung together, and prayed together for those who were lost to us and their bereaved families. 

Let us imagine those people volunteering their lives to assist us in Awakening. Let's wake up to the knowing that we are molecules of the one Mother Planet, the one consciousness, the One God with many faces. 

Let us honor the wisdom of the elders, use the life experience of the Grandmothers to ignite the Light of peace and calm within each heart. 

Let's add to the adage:
Think Globally,
Act Locally
and Respond Personally

 Blessings and love to all; my heart is with you today and everyday.



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