knee image

Through the Eye
of the Knee-dle


Ode to a Chronic Pain

Let me be
With my knee
And see
What my knee
Has to say.
Plenty, I suspect.

Could it be knee-go?
Could it be pride?
A false sense of ego
Takin' me for a ride?
Then - on your knees, fool -
For we are all One.
Each one uniknee-que,
And that's the Fun!

As a diagnostic tool,
My knee is way cool.
It's my meter for stress,
For emotional duress.
It demands my attention.
From pain I cannot hide -
It forces my intention
To pull the veils aside.

So - what am I feeling?
My God, but it hurts!
Look right inside -
It's my just desserts.
The pain on the outside
Shows the pain deep within.
My body knows how
To attract my attention.
It contracts intensely
To show its tension.

Let's see, knee -
What else could it be?
What says Louise about knees?*
"Fear of moving forward"
If you please.
So - what holds me back,
And keeps me off track? 

[*Louise Hay: Emotional Sources of Illness]

Shadows of past beliefs -
Denied feelings
That still give me grief...
So, I'll just let them rise,
Have some good cries,
Let the small one within
Heal what has been.
And come back to this moment,
And breathe.

And, furthermore, knee -
It's the kneedi-ness, I see.
Feeling so alone,
There's no one there,
Aloof and icy,
With no one to care.
Feel that now -
Right to the core.
Let it rest there
'Til it's just a snore.

Over the years,
My rage I supressed
By hurt and grief
Was I oppressed.
I covered it all
With a crooked grin,
I couldn't let love
Out or in.
I was hopelessly snared
With all these emotions,
Trying to keep them at bay.
But what I resist persists
And won't simply go away.

Fires from my inner hell
One day engulfed me!
To my aching knees I fell.
It raged on for days -
I was in a helpless haze.
Yet all that agon-knee
Released eons of negativity.
Like a volcanic eruption -
It let go my corruption.

At the height of the pain,
There is much to be gained:
An insight that's fit for a Queen.
This pain I feel,
Is equally real,
For sufferers over the globe.
It unites us as One,
Humanity unsung,
God's children
With the patience of Job.

So, I'm dancing with my shadow
And it isn't very fun -
Knotted threads and patterns
Must be undone.
It's what I came to do,
And I want to follow through.
I'll stay with the feelings
And go to the core,
I won't rush for comfort -
I surrender with awe.

Knee, you're my teacher,
Who would have thought?
So many things have you
Me taught.
So, bless you knee,
What a joy to be free!
I love you
And know that's the key.......

LiLi Townsend